We have supported the ever changing market needs over the past 15 years.

Market Data Leader

For over 15 years, ALL Associates Group has consulted with its clients using field-tested industry experience and non-invasive statistical modeling to bring clarity to the complex document world. Using this approach, ALL Associates Group has helped commercial and public sector organizations:

  • Recognize direct and indirect fully burdened document system costs
  • Discover the size, scale and location of savings and business process improvements
  • Identify document system costs and control their environmental impact
  • Reduce waste and manage previously uncontrolled costs
  • Generate incremental value through process optimization

Our continual exhaustive research of major global corporations, industry dynamics, technology innovation and adoption provides a unique and comprehensive insight into global trends and directions.

ALL Associates Group is an industry leading provider of document analytics and systems statistics and data. Our insight, information, and business intelligence has helped many public and private global organizations optimize their document system, eradicate waste, and dramatically reduce operational costs.

We have found the partnership we have with AAG is one of our strongest strategic relationships. We prefer to approach our market with intelligence that reflects our expertise and provides a solid basis to build solutions for our clients. The metrics we leverage from AAG's EDAM data service gives us the edge we need to build compelling strategies that solve real document management challenges. Without AAG's highly qualified data, we can only speculate. Now, we can predict. - David Raymond, Ricoh