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With minimal data input, users can build custom reports for any sized organization. The report instantly identifies office document spend, device counts, and the environmental impact of any document system.

The EDAM Custom Profile is ideal for a rapid forecast analysis of small to medium enterprises. ALL Associates Group can also personalize the report output to correspond with your logos and marketing.







Custom Profile Solutions

EDAM predictive models are used exhaustively throughout the industry by dealers on a daily basis to further the opportunity to discuss MPS strategies, recommend services, and to differentiate from the competition.

EDAM is designed to help the client attain a rapid, executive level snapshot of the size and cost of the document system and provide an indication of the areas that will generate the greatest savings

The EDAM Predictive Model provides an almost instant reasoned estimate of an organization's fully burdened document system spend with a detailed breakout of where costs are occurring. The EDAM model also provides metrics and insight to the potential size and scale of savings that may be available in an organization.


An EDAM Predictive Report can:

  • Increase oppurtunity to present to the right decision makers
  • Rapidly shorten the sales cycle
  • Clearly present the opportunity for you to provide value and help your customer reduce costs
  • Help you gain agreement to move to an assessment and quantify your proposal
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition