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ALL Associates Group provides a variety of commercial web servers that provide users access to a wide range of EDAM tools and services. These tools include:

  • An account database of the top 4,000 organizations in the world
  • Self assessment tools for the office, production, and marketing environments
  • Geographic and industry distribution models
  • Industry benchmarking reports

"ALL Associates and their EDAM predictive modeling system reliably provides focused, unique and critical insight into our client's business operations. Their knowledge, expertise and customer service is indispensable to my support of Global clients at HP".

Jeff Gallagher - Hewlett Packard




Global Account Database

ALL Associates annually reviews and analyzes over 4,000 companies and organizations. Our database provides report views on many aspects of document, IT, and Systems Costs.

The EDAM Predictive Model provides an instant reasoned estimate of an organization's fully burdened document system spend with a detailed breakout of where costs are occurring. The EDAM model also provides metrics and insight to the potential size and scale of savings that may be available in an organization.

For manufacturers, ALL Associates Group can completely customize the web view, the report styles, and content to complement your brand requirements. Our robust and versatile system can be adapted to accomodate specific metrics and value propositions that best fit your own market and sales strategies.



Self Assessment and Custom Tool

Our main database analyzes each company at the Global level. For national account teams, ALL Associates licenses and customizes predictive tools that either the sales team or customer enter their own data to generate report views.

The Custom Tool provides instant analysis on divisions, subsidiaries, or specific office locations of any size organization. This gives your sales team infinate possibilities for modeling any custom needs.